Good partnerships create synergies. But the best solutions come from independent thinking. As a company, we therefore reserve the freedom to recommend to our customers exactly the software from the entire bandwidth of the market that is best suited for the problem.

Nonetheless, we have partners with whom we collaborate more often and more closely - because they provide one-of-a-kind solutions in their field and, in many cases, already incorporate our standards, and thereby your requirements, during the development phase.

amétiq AG

amétiq AG is market leader for specialty medical information systems in Switzerland and is also engaged in the area of consulting and implementation projects for Avaloq Banking Systems – amétiq banking. Emphasis of consultation is on the Avaloq Core Platform (ACP), Avaloq Front Platform (AFP), and digitalization architectures.

Together with Docucom AG, a performance-capable integration of the Domtrac™ solution into the Avaloq Core Banking and peripheral systems via the proven amétiq integration layer (AIL) has been achieved.

Compart AG

The company Compart was founded in 1992 as Compart Systemhaus GmbH in Böblingen and is today an established provider of software components and services in the areas of document management and output management. The products by Compart are based on a self-developed generic document model. Via format-specific filters, it allows object-true conversion of documents in the most common formats into a desired target format. Based on this architecture, and in addition to the filters, Compart provides functions and products with which document data streams can be formatted, edited, and displayed in practically any format required for archiving and output management. Compart products are implemented by medium to large sized companies in all industry sectors.

Docucom is the integrator of Compart products in Switzerland. As the only partner of Compart with premium status, we support you from installation to support with experienced specialists.

Inventx AG

Innovation, Interaction, Swissness – Inventx is the Swiss IT and digitalization partner for leading financial service providers. The more than 220 specialists with banking and IT experience (20 of them at the sister company Proventx AG) work closely with their customers. Inventx stands for the highest quality and safety thinking and safe data management in Switzerland.

The independent Swiss IT company operates core banking solutions for Swiss private, retail and cantonal banks. With its Swiss Financial Cloud, Inventx offers a unique hybrid IT operating model that combines flexibility in delivering resources for new business needs with a high level of data protection.

In the field of output management, Inventx successfully works with Docucom AG and has appropriately trained experts in docucom6 application operation.

PDF Tools AG

PDF Tools AG provides professional PDF & PDF/A components for long-term archiving in compliance with statutory law. The 3-Heights™ products by PDF Tools AG provide company-wide solutions for the generation, validation, correction, and conversion of all common file formats into PDF and PDF/A.

Since mid-2015, we are the official OEM partner of PDF Tools AG.

Quadient (former GMC Software Technology)

“Quadient helps several hundred thousand companies around the world stay connected with their customers. It focuses on four core areas of modern customer interaction: business process automation, mailing solutions, customer experience management and parcel locker solutions. In these fields, Quadient develops innovative solutions that create relevant, personalized and valuable customer experiences.

Quadient is listed on Euronext Paris Segment B (QDT) and is part of the CAC® Mid & Small Index. The company operates in 90 countries worldwide and employs approximately 5,600 people. Total revenue in 2019 was approximately €1.14 billion. Quadient CXM provides off-the-shelf software for highly personalized omnichannel customer communications.

With Quadient Inspire™, you get a central platform that easily integrates with your existing IT landscape to centrally design and manage your company’s customer communications and generate and send them at the touch of a button for all output channels. For Docucom AG, Quadient Inspire™ forms the basis for building holistic solutions.

semantics Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH

semantics Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH develops software solutions for communication management and systems for the acquisition and administration of bibliographic data for research and libraries. Clients include companies, public authorities, and associations.

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