Campaign Management

Administration of physical/electronic inserts and white space

Campaign inserts for whitespaceDomtrac™ Campaign Management includes a module for the administration and timely management of campaigns in the form of physical or electronic inserts. Additionally, any type of graphics can be applied to blank areas of the page, which, in technical terminology, is referred to as whitespace management.

Campaign Management

For the allocation of the inserts to the respective campaign, the following management options are available:

  • Domtrac™ Database
    All metadata in the Domtrac™ database can be used for campaign management. Typical selection criteria may include address information such as ZIP code or country, or other items such as language code, customer category, or customer number.
  • ERP control file
    This is a very powerful feature of Domtrac™. Selections are made available from a leading ERP system in the form of CSV files and, using a unique key, are assigned to the respective customer.
  • Document Metadata
    Campaign instructions are directly embedded into the documents by the delivery application and adopted by Domtrac™.


The following inserts can be configured with Domtrac:

  • Physical inserts: traditional addition of physical, preprinted inserts for packaging lines.
  • Electronic inserts: PDF documents can be imported into Domtrac and dynamically inserted before or after transmission.
  • Cover sheets: Specific cover sheets with instructions for finishing are generated for manual processing.
  • Whitespace management: application of graphics onto blank areas of existing documents.

With the introduction of white-paper solutions, electronic inserts are becoming increasingly important. The validation of PDF documents is particularly noteworthy in this. Domtrac™ enables the definition of specific proofing criteria such as margins, error-free conversion into AFP, or direct display in the browser for a visual comparison.