News 16. September 2016

A Retrospective on Customer Event 2016

A Retrospective on Customer Event 2016

Almost every seat in the room was taken …

On Thursday, September 15th, it was our great pleasure to welcome numerous guests to our second Docucom Customer Event at Castle Rapperswil. Due to the increased number of attendees in comparison to last year, almost every available seat in the room was taken. This, once again, reflects the high level of interest in our portfolio.

In his welcoming address, Robert Reichmuth highlighted our positive business performance with an increase in revenue of more than 30%compared to last year, and thanked our more than 60 customers for their trust and collaboration. Thanks to the great commitment and high quality of our employees, we were able to successfully complete numerous projects in 2015/16.

ESPRIT Customer Experience Report

Following a brief introduction of ESPRIT Netzwerk AG (ESPRIT Network), Christan Bernhard provided an exciting look back on the beginnings of a fruitful collaboration. How mutual trust and targeted project work resulted in a central milestone for the success of Domtrac Finnova was impressive. Today’s commonplace requirements for an OMS, in terms of design and formatting of customer documents such as performance reports, presented great challenges in the past. In the future, ESPRIT will continue to count on Domtrac. Its great flexibility and low total cost of ownership (TCO) are decisive factors.

Output 4.0?

Volker Mattes of Brainsphere GmbH also took a little trip back in time with the interested audience. What first appeared to be a history of how Switzerland became a successful ski nation turned out to become a profound analysis of the development of interactive document creation. Technical limitations at the outset and the great «freedom» provided by Word and WYSIWYG were highlighted and evaluated as trends. A look into the future of individual correspondence reveals greater compliance through controlled processes with a clearly-defined range of flexibility. Highly-configurable systems that meet low coding requirements such as Domtrac are in high demand.

Compliance as exemplified by the «package insert»

Following a brief coffee break, Christian Hösli, our Banking Process Specialist, presented a real life use case from the financial industry under the Megatrend «Digital Transformation». This show case was based on a real life regulatory requirement in the field of financial product sales. According to new regulations, the banks are obliged to inform their clients of any risk within the financial instruments. The Handling of these «information leaflets» and other client documents and mixing them with the mass output, is a task, that currently banks only can do in a manual way, which is associated with significant risks. Alternatively, this Use Case was demonstrated live in a guided process by Domtrac 5, including the two-man principle and selection of appropriate enclosures. This type of automation specifies processes and standards, minimizes risks, is highly efficient, and, ultimately, serves as a management tool.

After a brief presentation on the interesting archive project, Umbrella, by Jochen Gatternig and a look at the Roadmap of Domtrac 5 by Robert Reichmuth, attendees proceeded to the castle courtyard for a reception that concluded the event. Enjoying a pleasant atmosphere and delicious small plates, attendees continued to have lively discussions and to exchange experiences until late in the evening.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year and thank our guests and the castle catering team for making our event a success.

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