News 14. October 2018

Successful output management migration of Clientis Group

Successful output management migration of Clientis Group

In a period of just 20 months, the competency and services center of Clientis Group changed their IT provider to Inventx. Within the context of this highly complex project, all document-related systems were migrated, including a comprehensive archive. At the same time, the implemented solution for individual correspondence was replaced with Domtrac.

Archive migration in compliance with statutory law

With the change in hosting provider, the complete existing archive of Clientis had to be migrated into the Inventx OnDemand archive – approx. 350 million documents from 230 application groups. At the same time, all interfaces had to be adapted to the numerous delivery applications. A complex task, overall. Furthermore, in addition to the required performance, proof of completeness to ensure compliance also had to be provided.

«Cooperation between the parties involved was very good, purposeful, and always constructive. Experiences Docucom had with other customer projects enabled efficient implementation according to schedule in this complex project. The ambitious migration of the historically grown archive was a major challenge.»

Rino Decurtins, Inventx Rino Decurtins, Partial Project Manager Inventx

As part of the migration, the standard search client was replaced with the modern Docucom Archive Viewer which, in addition to user-friendly searching, also enables reindexing of archived documents.

Performant Finnova mass output

With the change of IT provider to Inventx, the ageing platform for mass output was replaced with the modern Domtrac Document Process Management solution.

Thanks to the Domtrac Finnova Adapter with standard templates for mass output , the migration was completed in a short period of time. At the time, the solution drastically reduces operating costs and ensures adaptation in the event of new releases of the core banking systems.

«From an operating perspective, the new solution is «state-of-the-art», very performant and easy to use. Since many customers successfully implement Domtrac, numerous synergies are created. With Docucom, we have a reliable partner who quickly and competently responds to customer requests or interruptions.»

Mauro Gruber, Inventx Mauro Gruber, Operations Manager, OMS Inventx

The new OMS is much more performant and efficient in processing the approx. 16 million pages per year for the 25 clients of Clientis .

Dynamic individual output with Domtrac

The prior, Word-based proprietary template for individual output was replaced with the modern Domtrac solution.

Benefits of Domtrac include: business adapter for Finnova individual output, available standard interfaces for integration of various peripheral systems, fulfillment of compliance requirements and, lastly, lower operating costs that are achieved through ZERO code approach .

Successful implementation according to schedule

The highly complex project garnered a lot of attention in the market (Inside IT News, Netzwoche Schweiz) and, thanks to a well-attuned and professional project team, was implemented successfully without delays.

We are proud to have participated in this sophisticated project and thank Clientis and Inventx for their constructive and efficient collaboration .

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