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White Paper: Linking Inbound and Outbound Processes

White Paper: Linking Inbound and Outbound Processes

Document Process Management: digitalization and paper do not have to preclude one another

For years, society, the economy, personal and business networks have become increasingly digitalized. However, despite representation to the contrary by the media, traditional means of correspondence and paper-bound processes remain a preferred medium of communication when it comes to a defined and reliable exchange of information between two parties.

The company, Docucom, has recognized this challenge and, with its product Domtrac, has created an innovative solution that brings inbound and outbound mail processes together and thereby efficiently bridges the gap between the digital world and the paper world.

Focus on traditional mail room processes

Over the last several years, mainstream manufacturers of inbound or outbound solutions have developed technology platforms to configure and control multi-step processes. In addition to visually-supported modeling, particular attention was paid to the display of the manufacturer-specific processes and the integration of a proprietary tools environment.

This focus on proprietary core functionalities and subordinated incorporation of products by third parties resulted in the customer having to strictly rely on the products and services of the respective manufacturer. Possible expansions could only be achieved through complex programming. An innovative link between inbound and outbound processes could not be reached in this manner.

A capable integration platform for two worlds

Domtrac brings inbound and outbound mail processes together and bridges the gap between digitalization and paper processes. Custom processes in the creation or acquisition of documents are modeled in the graphic workflow designer.

The company Docucom has recognized this fundamental, missed opportunity. With the development of Domtrac, a modern integration platform for the modeling and control of document-based processes, a link between inbound and outbound worlds is now possible. Predefined modules allow you to incorporate the products and services of any manufacturer without programming expertise.

In the standardized, graphic configuration interface, processes can be easily modeled, controlled, and managed, regardless of the assigned processing area. The common division between teams for inbound and outbound processing can be eliminated. Responsibility for the entire document processes of an organization can be centrally defined and allocated.

Reutilization of existing applications

Generally, existing applications and solutions contain a great deal of expertise and are optimized for dedicated customer use. Domtrac allows for an easy integration of these applications using standard interfaces or the extensive module library. Investments in solutions such as OCR, formatting, conversion, electronic signature, archiving, encryption, or directory services are thus protected. Additional, expensive, and difficult-to-maintain add-ons are eliminated. Irrespective of the tools utilized, the customer retains the base of already-implemented core functions. These are integrated into new processes, and the results of one processing step can be transferred to the next processing step. Through crossovers, programs and services can be used interchangeably, which allows for fast availability of new processes and services.

Linking inbound and outbound mail

The link between modern digitalization efforts and the traditional paper medium is secured via a shared DomLink element that is incorporated into inbound and outbound mail on a standard basis. A customized DataMatrix code is applied in the document margin of all outbound mail, especially replies. This code clearly identifies the document and links it with the respective business process according to the meta data.

The physically printed paper subsequently transfers the information of the outbound process on to the inbound process. This allows for the automation and acceleration of inbound and downstream processes.With a recognition rate of almost 100%, returns and replies can be automatically uploaded and further processed. Based on the meta data made available through the code, a predefined or scheduled process can be initiated or restarted. It is possible to prescribe a timeframe for receipt of the reply. If the reply is not sent back and processed through inbound processing within that timeframe, an automatic reminder can be generated in the outbound processes.

DomLink: Using dynamic QR codes at the document level efficiently bridges the gap between paper and digitalization. Referenced meta data enables a clear assignment to the respective business case.

Specialty core systems remain in focus

Leading applications are and remain specialty core systems that initiate processes for outbound mail and receive transaction information from inbound mail. Domtrac communicates bidirectionally with the core system via an established interface. As a centralized workflow and control platform, Domtrac secures the easy interplay between inbound and outbound mail processes. During processing, the core system is supplied with the information and statistics necessary for efficient processing of the business case.

Example of service provider in the finance industry

In just a short period of time, a banking institution migrated its existing output management system, including document layout, to Domtrac. Integration modules delivered with the system, as well as graphic process configurations, support an efficient conversion. Through the use of additional QR codes, the existing packaging route was enhanced with closed loop processing, including automated sending controls. Thanks to Domtrac, the customer’s infrastructure was consolidated and modernized for a fraction of the budgeted project cost.

Based on predefined, configurable modules, processes are created by drag & drop in the graphic workflow designer of Domtrac. This provides structure for the definition of processes and ensures transparency throughout.

Bottom line

Through the use of the central control platform, Domtrac, for inbound and outbound processes, two distinctly separate worlds have been linked with one another.

A uniform administration and configuration interface enables complete end-to-end observation of document processes. Process-contingent media disruptions between two supposedly independent technology worlds are efficiently bridged with DomLink without losing the context to the respective business process. Traditional paper as transport medium for important information does not get in the way of aspiring development in digitalization.

The intelligent, modular architecture of Domtrac allows for the continued use of existing core components. Previous investments in software and training are protected, and consolidations supported. Numerous programs and tools are supplied with corresponding integration modules so that processes in outbound and inbound mail can be configured quickly and be used with one another.

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