The innovative omni-channel-process platform Docucom 6


"Customer Journeys" with "Document Journeys": Docucom 6 enables the back office to take on a leading role in the digitalization of a company.

Because digitalization demands new, business-driven approaches and the requisite software. The innovative omni-channel process solution Docucom 6 combines BPM / ECM / DMS / CaseManagement and CCM.

Digital transformation of the front office and back office

Business adapter

  • Intelligible data for business users at the right time and the right place
  • Easy integration of Docucom 6 into other applications
  • Integrating other applications effectively into Docucom 6

Business rule engine

  • Simple configuration of business rules
  • Comprehensible editors
  • Decision tables for implementation of complex rules

Workflow engine

  • Developed for document process management
  • Fast implementation of new business cases
  • High level of automatization
  • Effective interaction wherever necessary
  • Approval processes
  • Efficient end user dialogues

No-code platform

  • New definition of time-to-market
  • Business experts configure apps
  • Support of IT experts (80:20 rule)

Enterprise integration

  • SOA
  • Control via REST API
  • Integrable into web apps
  • SSO, active directory, JMS, monitoring

Cloud enabled

  • Highly scalable
  • SaaS-ready
  • Multi-client enabled

Content management

  • Agile workflow development
  • Content versioning
  • Complete application is parameterized
  • Complete parameterization is secure in database


  • Document validation and optimization
  • Organize and file PDFs in customer and process folders
  • Search archives
  • View documents
  • Update directories


  • Browser-based template creation
  • Mobile, web and traditional documents in one
  • Interactive and highly dynamic business documents
  • Templates configured by specialty area

Quick start with the help of preconfigured Docucom 6 applications


Electronic attachments from many different sources integrated quickly.

  • Fulfill regulatory requirements in advisory processes, e.g. MiFID II
  • Securely integrate PDF documents into contract-relevant processes


Web-based, archive-independent, streamlined.

  • Reindexer
  • Multi-archive viewer


Users of this banking system decided on Docucom 6, because Docucom 6 is streamlined and ready for digitalization.

  • Mass output
  • Single output


Users of this Swiss bank application trust Docucom 6 when it comes to documents.

  • Standard mass output
  • Preconfigured individual output


The standard application of Swiss Post for all things digital.

  • Omni channel for batch
  • Electronic vs paper

Archive integration

Integration with archives of leading manufacturers and legacy systems.

  • Retrieval and archiving
  • KGS, OnDemand, …

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